Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Edmonton Expo / Phase Three

What I learned at the Ed Expo.

- Star Wars is super popular! I would say the majority of costumes were from Starwars. There was also a good turn out of Steampunk, and Star Trek, as well as Marvel and DC comic characters (mostly Avengers).

- If you want to make cash, make Fan Art. I admit I was a little high brow with my attitude that I didn't need to make no fan art. Facts are that people go to an entertainment con to collect things, to add to the things, of the things they collect. One of my fellow Artist Alley neighbours put it best, that we need to have fan art in order to get attention. Once you have their attention you can segway into introducing the customer to your own, original work. Makes perfect marketing sense to me.

- Next time I shall be making art and taking commissions right there, at my table. A lot of the artists were doing it, and I think the attendees really like to watch the artists at work.

- Don't eat sushi at a Vietnamese restaurant. My brother (who was my helper for the weekend) got deathly sick from food poisoning after eating bad teriyaki chicken. It was really bad.

- Cons are expensive. The average attendee spends around $200.00. A small portion of this is for merch, including art. The majority of it gets spent on admission, photo ops and signatures from the celebs, and food/drink. Im going to make sure I have lots of small items to buy.

- Having a helper lets you get away to actually see the con you are at. I barely got a chance to walk around. I wish I had taken more time to see the sights. I was planning on doing that on Sunday, but my brother was food poisoned, so I didnt get that chance. Next time.

- I met great people. :) Everyone there wants to have a good time, so in general the atmosphere is really positive.

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