Sunday, September 21, 2008


While voting fr the next political leader in your country is always exciting, I want you to vote first for ME! :) I entered a "Showdown" competition on Saatchi Gallery Online. Saatchi is a gallery in London and the online version of themselves is pretty huge and active. If I make it to the final round I could win $1000.00 Sterling, and have my painting featured in their gallery. Exposure in London ... I say OK.

So you need to go here ...
and vote for my painting. Nothing less than a TEN will do!

Its the Sea Gull I painted earlier this year, and he thinks he needs some attention (he is very cheeky as you know).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

P'Artisan Show at RD Museum

In September I shall have three new works in the P'Artisan group show "Space P'Articles". Its being displayed at the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery.

This is one piece ...

You should go and check out "Gear Head", and two others of mine that were included in the show. I believe you will have lots of time. I just found out the show is extended through the Christmas season.

September 20th/08 - January 4th/09