Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swap ATC's

All of these illustrations were created for various themed swaps over at

*Click on an image to magnify.*

Snow Queens and Goddess's / Jan 2012
-Snow Queen
-Snow Princess
-Ice Maiden

Spring Pick a Theme / May 2011

All the participants pick a subject they would like the others in their group to create.

- Lady of the Waves
- Tears for the World
- Shipwreck: Lantern

Art Deco Ladies / July 2011

- Out to Sea
- Tamara (after Tamara De Lempicka)
- Golden Nike

Kites and Balloons / Aug 2011
- Bumblebee Kite
- Japanese Kites
- Butterfly Kite

Friday, January 20, 2012

Art Card Dump: Fish

A whole bunch of atc's and aceo's that I have created recently. Some of these were created for trade and some are available for purchase through my Etsy site.

- Holiday Koi II
- The Bubble Counters (traded)
- Holiday Koi I (traded)
- On the Up and Up
- Cool Winter (traded)
- Cold Water Fish
- Koikeeper
- Tiny Bubbles
- On The Edge
- Against The Wall
- A Fish Called Cookie (fish bowl series)
- Water Wings (fish bowl series)
* Click on an image to magnify.*

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Website Design

I am pretty certain that I want to completely re-design my website.

Its about time that I did this, since I designed it, like, 7 years ago. The process is daunting however. I have gotten so used to the clunky thing, but its old, and too big, and lots of parts are unnecessary, PLUS the fact that I just dont update it ... at all anymore.

It takes soooooo much time to do.

Anyway, I have started making my wish list for all the changes I want to make and planning how im going to stream line it all. I am no longer attached to the idea that ever single piece of art I have ever created needs to be represented on my website. Some sites, of other artists, that I really like only have minimal artwork in the gallery. The best of the best. I LIKE THIS IDEA. Why am I wasting energy presenting artwork that isnt my best. The website is supposed to be a virtual business card, a portfolio, a first impression and I want it to show off my BEST. Plus I have new plans, new directions that are not the same as the ones I had 7 years ago, so my website should reflect that too.

Its going to be tough letting go of a lot of it. There are quite a few pieces that I wont show anymore, even though I really like them. How does one decide?!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy Belated New Year

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.

My holidays are always very busy, punctuated with moments of quiet. My family is very small so its always a relaxing few days over Christmas and the New Year. Not much goes on in the household except movie watching, sleeping and eating. I recieved some very nice gifts, which I am really looking forward to using, watching and reading. :)

I have some new artworks to show, which shall be posted soon. Just getting back into the swing of things. I always find my January is about organizing and tying up loose ends. So not much actual artwork gets done.

The weather has been absolutely outrageous. So warm and mild and sunny! Thats very strange for Alberta in the Winter. It's been plus 10 degees some days. I think it might have hit 15, but generally hanging around 0. The weather man keeps talking about all the records being broken. What snow we have is shrinking daily, and the flowering bulbs are trying to grow. Bizaarr.

The big news is that I have moved my art studio out of my home and into a space downtown. This is going to be a big change for me since im a bit of a night owl, and now im going to have to change my shedule to painting during the day. I think it will be good though. More will get done without those distractions that are inevitable when you work from home.