Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Website Design

I am pretty certain that I want to completely re-design my website.

Its about time that I did this, since I designed it, like, 7 years ago. The process is daunting however. I have gotten so used to the clunky thing, but its old, and too big, and lots of parts are unnecessary, PLUS the fact that I just dont update it ... at all anymore.

It takes soooooo much time to do.

Anyway, I have started making my wish list for all the changes I want to make and planning how im going to stream line it all. I am no longer attached to the idea that ever single piece of art I have ever created needs to be represented on my website. Some sites, of other artists, that I really like only have minimal artwork in the gallery. The best of the best. I LIKE THIS IDEA. Why am I wasting energy presenting artwork that isnt my best. The website is supposed to be a virtual business card, a portfolio, a first impression and I want it to show off my BEST. Plus I have new plans, new directions that are not the same as the ones I had 7 years ago, so my website should reflect that too.

Its going to be tough letting go of a lot of it. There are quite a few pieces that I wont show anymore, even though I really like them. How does one decide?!

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