Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Sunset Over Lievnos Wallpaper Wednesday

A wallpaper I created for Wallpaper Wednesday. Feel free to save and use for your desktop.
Illustrations by moi.

Our website is down at the moment while we switch hosting, so please visit our Facebook.

Click on the image to download.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Edmonton Expo 2014

I will be exhibiting at the Edmonton Expo again this year. 
September 26-28 - Edmonton Expo Centre
See you there!

Find me in the Artist Alley.



Monday, August 18, 2014

Find me on Tumblr

I have sort of abandoned my Blog! I recently signed up on Tumblr and I use that far more frequently.

Please visit me there. It's much more interesting.  TUMBLR PAGE

I also now have a Twitter, so if you prefer @tempeststudioss

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Designing Banners

I'm getting some new banners made for the Calgary Expo, so I have been working on designs. Its always challenging picking the images you think will represent you best.

I think this one is the Winner.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Symphony Series: Bald Eagle

I completely forgot to post this painting here.

I finished this Bald Eagle at the beginning of the Summer. :) It was a long time in production. I actually began working on the piece in 2012, but it just kept getting pushed to the back of the ol work-in-progress list. I also have a hen painting that is in the same boat. It was started at the same time as this eagle, and I am going to prioritize it and get it finished by the end of 2013 (here I come holiday break!).

Where I live in Alberta, we have Bald Eagles nesting along the Red Deer River. I see them soaring high in the sky when I go for walks. I wanted to have the same perspective for this painting. I love the contrast of the dark body, white head and tail, and then the bight (and huge) yellow beak and feet.

The reference photo I used was kindly provided by an excellent wildlife photographer from Calgary, Glenn Alexon.

"Bald Eagle Espressiva"
Acrylic on canvas.
60x36 inches.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Busy, busy, busy.

Time flies when you have no time to think!

Its amazing how you can fill your life up with a simple change like getting a new day job. That's what has happened to me. I started a new job and tripled the number of hours I was working. Gah!

On the art front nothing slowed down as I had planned it. I thought I was doing pretty well, getting my artwork done on time, and finishing up projects, but as soon as one project ended 2 seemed to replace it. I have had so many things. SO MANY THINGS!

I was lucky to participate in the In The Round exhibit at Graven Feather gallery/studio in Toronto.

I finished a whole whack of artist trading cards, from swaps that I had joined months ago. You can see those in my gallery over at Illustrated Atc's.

The video game project was put on hold while we worked on a campaign for Kickstarter. I designed a great many things to give away as rewards to those amazing enough to donate. Wallpapers, buttons, stickers, posters, and original artwork.

PLUS, through it all I have been organizing and getting to the production of a whole new body of work for a solo painting exhibition, An Alberta Aviary, which shall be going on tour starting in February.

And then there are still a couple of things I just couldn't say no to.
Like this Exhibit for a Sailor Moon themed tribute show. I sent in my submission and i'm hopeful they will select me as one of the artists to represent my all time favorite Anime. :)

Lots of work!

I have so many tv shows recorded my pvr doesn't know what hit it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Edmonton Expo 2013 / Sept 28 and 29th

Its been a year already! OMG!

Its that time again. Time again for the Edmonton Expo. I will be enjoying my second season at the EdEx in the Artist Alley, selling prints, and books, and NEW magnets. Exciting.

Magnet Preview 
Find me at table E11. ☺

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mail-Art For Beginners Workshops


I am pleased to offer a new workshop for those who are interested in the exciting and addictive world of Mail-art.

You may have heard of Artist Trading Cards, Moleskin Journals, or Art Dolls. All of these creations and more can be traded online with artists all over the world. Build a collection of small artwork with your favorite themes, colours, and styles.

I have been actively participating in the Mail-art world for 5 years. I have created over 500 pieces of mail-art, and traded them over the internet with other artists from Japan, to New Zealand, to Mexico, to the States, and here at home.

In this workshop you will benefit from my experience, gain a basic knowledge of the Mail-art phenomenon and leave with all the tools to start mailing and trading yourself. Not to mention in the added comfort of my spacious professional art studio, Gallery IS, located in Downtown Red Deer.

See you soon.
Erika Schulz
Adult Workshop: 5 - 8 participants.
Included : A starter kit which includes; A Mail-Art for Beginners Booklet, folder with plastic storage sheets, and ATC blanks.
This workshop is strictly for adults. For the experienced hobbiest, or artist who wishes to make the leap into this exciting world of Mail-Art.
Bring your own favorite materials to the studio and I will guide you step by step, through the basics of trading online, and mailing your artwork. The class will create its own Swap, where you will make and trade with your fellow classmates to start your own collection.
Workshop Dates : Saturday July 13, 2013 - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Cost: $35.00
                              Saturday July 20, 2013 - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Cost: $35.00
                              Saturday July 27, 2013 - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Cost: $35.00 *
* If you sign up for all three adult workshops a special rate of  $90.00 will be applied.
Teen 3 Day Workshop : 5 - 8 participants.
Ages 13 - 17.
Included : A starter kit which includes; A Mail-Art for Beginners Booklet, folder with plastic storage sheets, and ATC blanks. Access to professional quality materials which will be provided. 
A unique opportunity for teen artists to soak up the atmosphere of a professional artist's studio, and learn from a working artist. Each day of the workshop will be structured through a project based approach, so that your teen will leave with artwork they can trade immediately, and also a collection of art by their fellow participants.
Workshop Dates : Wednesday - Friday July 17/18/19, 2013 - 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Register by downloading and filling out this form. It can be emailed to If you would like a pdf file, just email me.
Right click and "save as".
Payment must be made in advance.
Options inlclude - Paypal (debit or credit card). Same email as above.
                           - Cash or Cheque, made payable to Erika Schulz and dropped off at
                             Gallery IS.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Calgary Expo: Prints

Just getting all of my prints in order. I have had a bunch more of my images made into prints recently too, so I shall have a pretty good selection available at the Expo.

The smallest are ACEO sized (2.5x3.5 inches), and the biggest will be 8x10, and the robots at 17 inches tall.

I wont have too many originals, but I have been working on a series of small Calavera Paintings, which I plan on taking with me. You can preview some of them in my Etsy Shop.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sunset Over Lievnos

Part of the reason I have only managed one post a month on my blog has to do with the insane amount of work I have been doing on this project.

Sunset Over Livenos is a medieval style video game a friend and I are creating for the Ipad. Follow the link and check it out. I have lots of posts there specific to my illustrations and also some work in progress stuff, and other info.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Medusa / Calgary Expo Artbook

I created this illustration for the Calgary Expo Artbook. The theme this year is Wierd Tales. They create and sell the books at the event for the benefit of their charities. Clearly I chose to tell the tale of Medusa, from Greek Myth.

I hope they like it. If it ends up in the book the original will be auctioned off for their charities as well.

The model for this piece was my young friend Chloe Ing. An aspiring fashion model, and all around beautiful young lady. :)

Ink and watercolor. 8.5 x 11 inches.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Calgary Expo 2013

I shall be in the Artist Alley of the 2013 Calgary Expo. So excited! :) This convention is shaping up to be the biggest in Canada, so its really drawing great guests, artists, and lots and lots of people.

I shall be in G5 and G6, along with my pals, and also representing Crown Nation and our video game Sunset Over Lievnos (which will be demoing by then).

I will post more about my preperations for the show closer to the event. ♥

Just a block away from the Expo Store, and right near an entrance. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Historical Calaveras / Marie Antoinette

I have completed a new addition to this series. A calavera woman inspired by Marie Antoinette. :)

Prints of this image are available in my Etsy Shop.
5x7 inch prints, and art cards 2.5x3.5 inches.

Calavera Marie
5x7 inches. Watercolor and ink on paper.
The others in this series can be seen here.

Monday, December 10, 2012

New Nest Painting

This is the fourth of these nest paintings that I have done. They always take a long time to paint, for their size. It just ends up being a slow process, of building up the texture, creating a three dimensional image with shadows and light, and all the different colours in the straw or twigs or whatever the nest is made of. In the end though, I always really like the way they turn out.

"Northern Mockingbird Nest"
Acrylic on canvas.
10 x 10 inches.

Symphony Series / Goldfinch

"American Goldfinch Impromptu"
Acrylic on canvas.
20 x 20 inches.

The newest addition to this series. :) Just finished in Dec 2012.

I need to take a better photo of this painting, but for now it will have to do. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fundraiser Donation

One of my local gallery spaces has a fundraiser every year. It is a not-for-profit space so I try to support it.

This is the illustration I created for them.

Hard Candies. (One of my favorite subjects.)
It was 5x5 inches.
Watercolor and ink on paper.

Art Card Dump #2

Fishies! You know you love them. :D
Check out my Etsy Shop if you are interestsed in purchasing one of my fish pond illustrations.

Night Koi

To Fish
Maple II

Citrus Koi
Sky Koi

Art Card Dump / #1

Oh boy! I have so much artwork to post. I haven't been as up to date with this as I should.

Keep in mind that I am always working on new stuff, I just dont get a chance to blog about it as much as I would like to. So this is the first of a few posts that will be done back to back to show what I have been working on.

MUSHROOMS!!! and Pumpkins!

I started challenging myself to practice painting without doing any drawing. With these I did a quick basic sketch to layout the composition and then went in with my acrylic paints, so they are different from my usual work, but super fun none the less. :)

Each piece is atc sized @ 2.5 x 3.5 inches.
Available for purchase through my Etsy Shop.
*Click the image to magnify.*

2.5 x 3.5 inches each.
*Click on the image to magnify.*

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Edmonton Expo / Phase Three

What I learned at the Ed Expo.

- Star Wars is super popular! I would say the majority of costumes were from Starwars. There was also a good turn out of Steampunk, and Star Trek, as well as Marvel and DC comic characters (mostly Avengers).

- If you want to make cash, make Fan Art. I admit I was a little high brow with my attitude that I didn't need to make no fan art. Facts are that people go to an entertainment con to collect things, to add to the things, of the things they collect. One of my fellow Artist Alley neighbours put it best, that we need to have fan art in order to get attention. Once you have their attention you can segway into introducing the customer to your own, original work. Makes perfect marketing sense to me.

- Next time I shall be making art and taking commissions right there, at my table. A lot of the artists were doing it, and I think the attendees really like to watch the artists at work.

- Don't eat sushi at a Vietnamese restaurant. My brother (who was my helper for the weekend) got deathly sick from food poisoning after eating bad teriyaki chicken. It was really bad.

- Cons are expensive. The average attendee spends around $200.00. A small portion of this is for merch, including art. The majority of it gets spent on admission, photo ops and signatures from the celebs, and food/drink. Im going to make sure I have lots of small items to buy.

- Having a helper lets you get away to actually see the con you are at. I barely got a chance to walk around. I wish I had taken more time to see the sights. I was planning on doing that on Sunday, but my brother was food poisoned, so I didnt get that chance. Next time.

- I met great people. :) Everyone there wants to have a good time, so in general the atmosphere is really positive.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Edmonton Expo / Phase Two

The weekend is over! What a weekend. Totally exhausting, but I learned so much about this whole comic con thing. Thanks especially to my fellow Artist Alley artists. Most of you are old hats at this so I really appreciated the Yoda like knowledge you passed on to me.

Here is my table set up.
I will change a lot of this for next year (and hopefully the Calgary Expo in the spring). There are definitely better ways to execute a display, plus I had much less room than I thought I would have. The table was 6x2 feet. I seems most people like to be able to flip through a portfolio style book (of prints) so that's the first thing to change.

I did get a lot of attention with my "Drawing with Paint" technique, so that was great. I love texture, everyone loves texture. :) Most of this work is actually a few years old, and I'm a MUCH better painter now. I'm going to have to create some new paintings to showcase that.

I was so happy I had that sign made. It really looked great.

click to magnify
Taken early Saturday morning. Before the crowds.

Here is a 360 degree view of the Expo from my table.

The Expo was a huge success, in my opinion. They exceeded the attendance expectation at 14'000 people. Everything looked great. They had excellent celebrity and creative guests. I wish I had, had time to attend a couple of the Panels. Next time I'm going to make time for that.

Perhaps the best thing that happened was meeting Laurie B! Right at the end of the show she stopped by my table, and even bought one of my chapbooks. Awesomesauce! I admit I didn't know very much about her, but after reading her blog and checking out more of her work I am super inspired. She is really real, and honest, and authentic, AND she attended Red Deer College (like me)! What I think I like the most about her is that even though she has achieved a great amount of recognition and success, she is still striving for growth and seeking to achieve personal goals. Wow! You give em hell, Laurie!