Tuesday, March 30, 2010

# 2

This is the first piece in the Bird Series. There will eventually be 6 of them.

"Bluejay Aria"
40 x 40 inches.

This series was inspired by the 'Face Off' series I did as part of the one-a-days. For these birds I wanted to stick to a couple of 'rules'. In keeping with the previous series, they will all have metallic background colours. They will also be compositionally unbalanced. Floating, falling off the edge, that sort of thing.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is the first painting of the year in the new BIG sizes.

'Pop Dandelions'
36x60 inches.

As you might notice, this is a continuation of the 'Pop' series I started last year with my one-a-day's. Since this is the first painting, I have mixed feelings about it. Growing pains, thats my excuse.

Big things are happening.

Its been a while since I have blogged, but for good reason. I am once again at the begining of a big project. Why I create these never ending challenges for myself I will never know, but there are benefits.

So here is what 2010 is shaping into. I am now on the opposite end of the spectrum. Last year I created hundreds of small works of art, this year I am focusing on a few really large pieces. I am going to paint 14 canvas's over the next months. 8 @ 36x60 inches, and 6 @ 40x40 inches. These are the biggest pieces I have ever tackled and so far I think I like it.

At the moment I am enamoured with the notion that this is completely different from what I am used too. I also like the dramatic impact I am able to achieve with the big sizes. Last but not least I am working out ideas that I started with the one-a-days, and this is rewarding ... so far.

I will be posting these paintings here first so stay tuned.