Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paintings / Sept 9-12

I found an old science book with details about 'Western Trees', and it was beautifully illustrated with the most glorious engravings. I was so inspired I interpreted some of them into paintings.
- Pop Pine: Douglas Fir
- Pop Pine: Giant Sequoia
- Pop Pine: Eastern Larch
- Pop Pine: Silver Fir *Sold*
- Pop Pine: Torrey Pine
5x7 inches. $45.00 each.
*Click on the image to magnify.*

Monday, November 16, 2009

Painting / Sept 8

A commissioned piece.
- Plumeria
8x10 inches.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paintings / Sept 1-7

More expirementations with colour and compositions. I am using these as thumbnails for larger works that will be in progress in 2010.
- Pop Pumpkins
- Pop Fall Leaves 2
- Pop Holly *Not For Sale*
- Pop Fall Leaves 3
- Pop Strawberrys (repainted)
- Pop Fall Leaves 4
- Pop Black Eyed Susan *Sold*
$45.00 each.
*Click on the image to magnify.*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where oh Where?

There are new artworks to see. I have taken the photographs. I have done the scanning. There is new work and they have been documented.

There is the extra step in between the documenting and the posting that I seem to have the most difficulty with. I just cant seem to get this task up to the top of the list. Other things have been taking priority.

Hopefully, you are still watching and keeping the eye balls peeled on this blog, because there WILL eventually be new artworks to view.

I will tease you with some clues.

* Pop Plants cont ...
* Inspiration Chinese Symbolism.
* Tartan
* Pine Trees are cool. As is Holly.
* Triptych
* Maybe an Aceo or two or 14.