Saturday, November 30, 2013

Symphony Series: Bald Eagle

I completely forgot to post this painting here.

I finished this Bald Eagle at the beginning of the Summer. :) It was a long time in production. I actually began working on the piece in 2012, but it just kept getting pushed to the back of the ol work-in-progress list. I also have a hen painting that is in the same boat. It was started at the same time as this eagle, and I am going to prioritize it and get it finished by the end of 2013 (here I come holiday break!).

Where I live in Alberta, we have Bald Eagles nesting along the Red Deer River. I see them soaring high in the sky when I go for walks. I wanted to have the same perspective for this painting. I love the contrast of the dark body, white head and tail, and then the bight (and huge) yellow beak and feet.

The reference photo I used was kindly provided by an excellent wildlife photographer from Calgary, Glenn Alexon.

"Bald Eagle Espressiva"
Acrylic on canvas.
60x36 inches.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Busy, busy, busy.

Time flies when you have no time to think!

Its amazing how you can fill your life up with a simple change like getting a new day job. That's what has happened to me. I started a new job and tripled the number of hours I was working. Gah!

On the art front nothing slowed down as I had planned it. I thought I was doing pretty well, getting my artwork done on time, and finishing up projects, but as soon as one project ended 2 seemed to replace it. I have had so many things. SO MANY THINGS!

I was lucky to participate in the In The Round exhibit at Graven Feather gallery/studio in Toronto.

I finished a whole whack of artist trading cards, from swaps that I had joined months ago. You can see those in my gallery over at Illustrated Atc's.

The video game project was put on hold while we worked on a campaign for Kickstarter. I designed a great many things to give away as rewards to those amazing enough to donate. Wallpapers, buttons, stickers, posters, and original artwork.

PLUS, through it all I have been organizing and getting to the production of a whole new body of work for a solo painting exhibition, An Alberta Aviary, which shall be going on tour starting in February.

And then there are still a couple of things I just couldn't say no to.
Like this Exhibit for a Sailor Moon themed tribute show. I sent in my submission and i'm hopeful they will select me as one of the artists to represent my all time favorite Anime. :)

Lots of work!

I have so many tv shows recorded my pvr doesn't know what hit it.