Monday, September 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

I am in a wierd spot at the moment as I feel very detached from it all. Its a blur, and I can barely focus. I have done so many things in the last 8 months that its like I have no relationship to the things I have created. I am floating in a haze of production. I just plug away at it day in and day out and dont really think about what im doing. I really miss thinking about what im doing. That was always part of the joy. Thinking, planning, executing, in that order. The execution took the least amount of time generally, so you can see why I would be missing the other two parts. Now I give about 2.5 seconds of thinking and planning and just attack a canvas or a piece of paper. Its certainly given me skills I wouldnt have gained any other way, but I think I need some perspective now.

Wierd the things that happen to you when you enter into any kind of challenge.

Monday, September 07, 2009


If you were looking at this blog and noticed the disjointed nature of the posts, you are not going crazy. This is the nature of my mind of late. Posts are coming as I have time to edit my images, and unfortunately I am scatter brained enough not to edit my creations in order.

This is what happens to your brain after 8 months of one-a-day artworks. Its an unfortunate side effect.

Reminder also that the posts are backdated. Older works will appear on the blog in order of production.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Aceo / Aug 24 - 31

- Flora vi *Sold*
- Foliage xxiv
- Foliage xxv
- Foliage xxvi *Sold*
- Flora vii *Sold*
- Flora viii
- Flora ix *Sold*
- Flora x *Sold*
*Click on the image to magnify.*
$15.00 each.