Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Edmonton Expo / Phase Two

The weekend is over! What a weekend. Totally exhausting, but I learned so much about this whole comic con thing. Thanks especially to my fellow Artist Alley artists. Most of you are old hats at this so I really appreciated the Yoda like knowledge you passed on to me.

Here is my table set up.
I will change a lot of this for next year (and hopefully the Calgary Expo in the spring). There are definitely better ways to execute a display, plus I had much less room than I thought I would have. The table was 6x2 feet. I seems most people like to be able to flip through a portfolio style book (of prints) so that's the first thing to change.

I did get a lot of attention with my "Drawing with Paint" technique, so that was great. I love texture, everyone loves texture. :) Most of this work is actually a few years old, and I'm a MUCH better painter now. I'm going to have to create some new paintings to showcase that.

I was so happy I had that sign made. It really looked great.

click to magnify
Taken early Saturday morning. Before the crowds.

Here is a 360 degree view of the Expo from my table.

The Expo was a huge success, in my opinion. They exceeded the attendance expectation at 14'000 people. Everything looked great. They had excellent celebrity and creative guests. I wish I had, had time to attend a couple of the Panels. Next time I'm going to make time for that.

Perhaps the best thing that happened was meeting Laurie B! Right at the end of the show she stopped by my table, and even bought one of my chapbooks. Awesomesauce! I admit I didn't know very much about her, but after reading her blog and checking out more of her work I am super inspired. She is really real, and honest, and authentic, AND she attended Red Deer College (like me)! What I think I like the most about her is that even though she has achieved a great amount of recognition and success, she is still striving for growth and seeking to achieve personal goals. Wow! You give em hell, Laurie!

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Beth said...

Love the set up Erika! Onwards and upwards for Calgary! Very proud to have such an amazingly talented friend!