Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Awesome Week

... so far. :)

Not only is the weather totally awesome (20-30 degrees and sunny and warm and all Fall like), but I have been given a couple of great pats on the back.

First, my Bluejay Aria painting sold at the Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond. I was sooooo happy that my blue friend finally found a home!

Second, the same painting (Bluejay Aria) was also featured on Deviant Art as one of their Daily Deviations. :) For those of you who dont follow DA, its a huge accolade as it gets placed in a premium spot on the website and many, many, many people are exposed to your (in this case my) art.


My gallery has had over 2000 visits since the painting was featured. Thats pretty swell in my book. Not to mention the painting being sold gives me a big boost of self-esteem and motivates me to get painting (not to mention the nice boost to the ol bank account).

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