Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get Motivated

I just havent had that feeling, that desire to be truely creative. I wouldnt call it an Artist Block, because I still have lots of ideas, and inspiration. When it comes to actually getting down to it my motivation evaporates.

I have lots of excuses. An above average work shedule, crappy weather, my house is getting a fresh coat of paint, but really I have to be honest because I think the real reason is still the lingering effect of my Grandmothers passing. I have been thinking about it quite a bit and its interesting how these kinds of things can truely change a person. I feel changed. Fundamentally. I dont know how though and in what ways, which is why I just cant bring my self to paint.

Now that all being said I am still really, really enjoying my escapades in my Miniature art cards. I love makeing them. I love being involved in IllustratedATC's and joining themed swaps, and doing custom trades. Its a real joy, and I am very fulfilled by it artistically. Maybe that more than anything is the real reason I havent tackled a canvas in 4 months.

4 months. That doesnt sound like that long of a time when I write it down. It certainly feels much longer. I am always very consious of the timeline of my year. They have been going by so fast lately. I watched Oprah's interview with Shirley Mclean the other week, and Shirley talked about our spiritual sense of SPEED. Of the world moving so fast, and it was so true. Thats exactly how I feel. Its like im standing in an energy wind tunnel and its all moving so fast, and im being swept along with it.

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