Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paintings / Feb 16-22

Spaceships ... what's not to like? Nothing. Its allllll gooood. :)
Actually these paintings were a little harder than the average painting. Trying to design something that dosnt look like a classic/cult design is challenging. The 5th piece is the most classic though. Its design is based on the Mercury Capsule. The 4th painting is also a classic design used in tin toys.
- The Arrow
- Deep Space
- Alien
- Made for Speed *Sold*
- Mercury or Bust
- Event Horizon
- The Hornet
*Click on the image to magnify.*
$30.00 each.


Tlou said...

These are magnificant!! You have singlehandedly made me interested in space and sci-fi themed art! Im even ASKING for that particular theme when doing MailArt trades, now... LOL!

The Artist said...

Hee. Thats awesome. :) You should share some of the stuff you collect some day. I would love to see them.